The advancements in streaming media, and also the sudden prevalence of it, is acting as the greatest catalyst in raising awareness about what can be accomplished in the home when it comes to integrating technology.

While streaming media has been going on for years now, there is suddenly a huge upsurge in popularity with the general public.  It’s not just the “geeks” who are into streaming media; everyone seems to be catching the buzz.

Spotify, Pandora, iheart radio, iTunes, Skygo, TVNZ on Demand, 3Now, Lightbox, Netflix and Hulu are all great examples of this.

You can now have the freedom to watch or listen to what you want, when you want, and literally WHERE you want.  Find your favourite songs and discover new artists to love. Showcase beautiful cover art, along with artist and track information on your smartphone, touch screen or TV.

Enjoy music throughout your home including your outdoor entertaining areas. Music can be stored centrally on an iTunes library, CD collection or hard drive or it can be streamed in real time from any wireless device such as an iPhone or from the radio, Spotify, Pandora or any other streaming services.

If movies are your thing? We can provide a dedicated home theatre or media room where you can enjoy sound and picture quality in your own home that is guaranteed to be better than the cinema.