Imagine a home that welcomes you the minute you step through the door. After keying in the alarm code the lights turn on, the curtains glide open and your favourite music starts to play while the thermostat automatically adjusts to your preferred temperature. This is the power of home integration. Virtually everything you own is yours to control. All, at the touch of a button.

Good Morning – You can have the perfect morning every morning when you wake up to an automated home. One touch of the “wake” scene button and the lights will gently illuminate your side of the bed, without blinding you or disrupting your partner. Step into your preheated bathroom while the TV turns on to your favourite news channel—all without fumbling for switches or a remote. And that’s just the beginning in a home where all the technology is seamlessly integrated.

Away from Home – Have peace of mind knowing that whether you’re down the street or across the globe, you can always keeps your home within reach. Receive email notifications and pop-up alerts on touch screens when possible issues arise. You can even view security cameras remotely for added assurance or just to check up on the kids. On your way back home, set the temperature and lighting for ideal ambiance so you can just walk in and enjoy being home.

Family Time – When it’s time to enjoy a movie with the family, set the mood in an instant. Easily control multiple audio and video sources with a handheld remote—the same remote that can lower your shades, dim the lights, and lower the projector screen for an immersive movie-watching environment. No need to worry about replacing your prized stereo or HD television—our systems can integrate technology from all your favourite brands flawlessly.

Good Night – At the end of a long day, wind down with some relaxing music throughout the house. As you prepare for bed, let your smart home take care of the rest with customisable night time presets, ensuring your shades are lowered, lights throughout the home are turned off, and every lock is secured. Schedule the process to happen every night at the same time, or do it all at the touch of a button—it’s up to you.

Energy Savings – Saving energy doesn’t have to leave your rooms in the dark. Our truly connected lighting control system reduces energy consumption through dimming lights to use only the necessary energy, automatic control of lighting when you enter and exit a room through motion sensors, and harnessing the energy of the sun through light sensors and motorized window shades.


AV is moving from individual meeting rooms toward total integration of all the systems and technology throughout a building, and across all the buildings within an enterprise. Together, the Crestron 3-Series Control System® and Crestron Fusion™ Enterprise Management Software provide the most advanced, complete, and flexible Enterprise Building Management solution in the industry.

Building automation and controls system market is growing at a CAGR of 11.2% and is projected to reach $49.5 billion by 2018*

A complete Enterprise Building Management solution combines control of AV, room scheduling, BMS, voice & data, HVAC, security, lighting and energy management. Crestron 3-Series™ network-grade appliances integrate these technologies and systems on the same platform to work together as a single system. Integrating all systems on a common platform is the only way to centrally control the enterprise. However, to achieve Enterprise Building Management, complete visibility and data collection is essential.

Crestron Fusion software communicates with 3-Series™ control systems and provides a dashboard to monitor, manage and control the technology in all rooms and in all buildings across a campus or global enterprise. Detailed usage data is collected and reported, enabling more informed decision making about staffing, scheduling, purchasing, and workspace design.

We are able to provide a complete picture of what’s happening throughout the entire campus or global enterprise – not just bits and pieces that are seen out of context. Crestron Fusion provides data about every device, every room, and every building. We’re able to put all the data points together in a way that no one else can, realising significant cost savings as a result.

* MarketsandMarkets

Complete energy management

As energy costs continue to rise and regulations mandating clean energy impact building codes, designing lighting systems for your clients that are green and cost efficient isn’t just a marketing strategy, it’s a necessity. So how do you do that?

Before you can manage energy consumption you need to be able to monitor it. A complete system connects to all energy resources to provide a defined baseline of energy consumption. Different types of energy monitoring can be used: calculated (good), current monitoring (better) or power metering (best).

But energy monitoring is just the first step; you also need an energy management solution that includes measurement device sub-systems that provide user intervention capability in case of failure. By utilizing such a system, facility managers can continuously track and analyse consumption and quality patterns, as well as determine low-efficiency areas quickly and easily. This gives them the opportunity to take necessary interventional steps in a timely fashion. This helps your clients grow and evolve their level of energy management, whatever their level of sustainability

Crestron products are Integrated by Desig to deliver complete building technology solutions. Crestron provides the only intelligent platform that unifies all energy-consuming systems including HVAC, lighting, shades, AV, voice & data, security, room scheduling and more. Only Crestron enables facility managers to monitor, manage and control all the technology throughout the entire facility, both centrally and globally, from one dashboard.

Crestron eliminates the inefficiencies and inconvenience of monitoring the many disparate systems buildings, each with its own management software. Through seamless integration of our robust control systems, commercial lighting systems, and award-winning software, Crestron connects every room and every building. You can intuitively manage, monitor, and schedule every environmental and audio/video system from any touch screen, web browser, or smart device for peak performance and optimal energy savings

Crestron building solutions tell you when and how rooms are used so you can make sure the right-sized rooms with the right resources are selected, maximizing productivity and efficiency

When a meeting is scheduled, Crestron enables you to automatically “wake up” the room prior to the start of a presentation. After the meeting, the occupancy sensors detect when a room is vacant and automatically powers down energy-consuming devices.

Fusion Global Enterprise Management software provides robust reporting and a single “at a glance” view of every lighting, AV and environmental device throughout your facility, keeping you informed of each room’s status in real-time.

Graphically view precise lighting levels, temperature, and shade positions from any touch screen or web-enabled device. Track current and historical energy consumption and intelligently manage room resources. Monitor the power grid and renewable energy sources, and automatically draw from the most cost-effective source. That’s intelligent, fully integrated building management – only from Crestron.

In commercial office buildings, hotels and resorts, college campuses, stadiums and arenas, hospitals, convention centers and modern homes, Crestron solutions provide reduced energy consumption and a greener environment.

Learn more about the different types of energy monitoring and how to transition to an energy management solution by contacting us today.