Light, its control and the resulting impact it has on our living and work space is an often overlooked feature when building, renovating or simply decorating.

Light is probably the single most impactful way to create emotion and a sense of drama and or comfort in the spaces we use to grow, relax live, work and entertain. Light has an impact on our mood and the way we see the beauty within our homes and offices.

There is a space in your home we refer to as the space between “on” and “off”. A space where light is no longer merely functional. Where it becomes part of your décor. Where it enhances every experience that you associate with your home. That moment you step over the welcoming threshold. An evening curled up on the sofa with your favourite music. A laughterfilled dinner party. A serene late afternoon in a quiet corner with a new novel. Let’s explore this space. Because the fact is that no one knows more than us about the many benefits of precise light control. How it can create and enhance a mood. Strong and bright. Soft and subtle. Dramatic and theatrical. You are about to see what light can do for your life.