It is now so easy to protect your home and family with pet immune intruder and smoke detection systems. Remotely arm or disarm your alarm to allow maintenance or repair people access to specific areas while leaving other areas armed then check in on your home from any location using surveillance cameras. Ever had that annoying smoke alarm that seems to beep as soon as you hop into bed because it has a flat battery? We always incorporate your smoke and heat detectors into your security system so that when they are triggered they will automatically call monitoring to ensure the fire service is on the way.

Would you like to know who is entering and leaving, and who just pressed the bell? Would you like to be able to pay a visit to your home to see if everything is OK, regardless of where you are in the world? Would you like to deter vandals, thieves and burglars and, if worse comes to worst, record conclusive images? Video surveillance will help you not only if an actual incident occurs, but also as a preventative measure and to solve crimes. Potential intruders are scared off by video surveillance, which will help thwart any crimes in the first place. During critical situations, the surveillance video from your camera will allow you to maintain an overview at all times, to take action or coordinate the intervention by security staff. After an incident has occurred, the video recordings allow you to reconstruct the events quickly and clarify the circumstances.

For commercial customers, whether it be Snapshot Audits, People Counting, Number plate recognition or heat mapping, video analytics capabilities provide you with crucial information about your business to help you manage operations and optimize marketing and merchandising. We offer a number of valuable tools that enable you to see what you’ve been missing across multiple locations. Together, they offer you a smart, cost-effective way to monitor employees, adjust staffing levels, ensure policy compliance, serve customers better and increase your ROI.