A term that has migrated from the computer world into the world of home electronics — can feed your home’s ever-growing need for information carrying capacity. In past years, most signals coming into your home were in the form of analog waves. Today most signals are currently sent in a digital form or will be shortly. Digital transmission is the same language that a computer uses to talk to a printer. Given that all electronics are becoming little computers, all of these pieces of equipment are beginning to talk digitally to each other. Once the digital language becomes standard, then the discussion will quickly turn to speed and that is where structured wiring comes in handy.

Structured wiring radiates from a central hub in a star pattern through your home’s walls so that each outlet or jack has its own run of cable. Your structured cabling network in your home will be responsible for distributing and delivering all of your Phone, TV and Data requirements among other things.

WiFi is king in todays modern environment but don’t underestimate the importance of building a solid, fast and reliable Wireless Network on top of a good hard wired structured cabling system.

Hiko enterprises use Cat6 and 4 Core OM3 Fibre around your home to provide the right infrastructure to ensure your home is future proofed for emerging technologies such as 4k video. We are one of the few companies who include OM3 fibre as a standard part of our structured cabling network throughout your home.